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It&39;s okay to have fun, but prioritize. can you get any degree including law (not ABA), business (yes), and medicine (no) Some subjects are better suited to online work than are others. besides, no rely which time table you&39;re taking, you isn&39;t disregarded or in the back of interior the college adventure. Others participate in summer educational and/or cultural programs, etc. 10 things you need to know today: Decem The Week via Yahoo News · 6 days ago.

In many ways, online college is just like traditional college. A great many students do work full-time over summers - they how does online college work yahoo answers need the money for school! properly, there are lots of greater pupils interior the autumn semester than the spring semester. i think they would send you the test in the mail and you take it home and show your work and send it back to the online college math coures people and thats how you get graded. Online options may be strictly scheduled or self-paced. As for the people, I didn&39;t change all that much, but a lot of people tend to party more in college.

Online college may be an alternative to traditional learning, but it isn’t meant to circumvent the hard work, diligent study, and application of skill required to succeed in a classroom setting. Almost every major accredited college in the country and numerous accredited online-only colleges are also available. We&39;re looking for a way to meet, which should happen around August. However, you can log in anytime you want. do no longer think of how does online college work yahoo answers that basically because you opted for the. How Online Classes Work: 10 Frequently Asked Questions Some online courses require students to attend and participate at set times through videoconferencing. The participants in Five Colleges, Inc. As long as the college (online or campus based) is regionally accredited, any degree you earn should be accepted by any potential employers or other academic institutions.

Online programs have become widely available from colleges, as they provide a flexible way for students to learn on their own terms. Very few can afford "just to have fun. It can be incredibly hard to not be able to have the person in your arms. For the best answers, search on this site Think your probably in college 20 hours a week, then you have 20 hours homework and then a job working 20 hours. heopinionn is a lot better then. could any one help me am not abel to access my yahoo account its domnic_john there is lots of college stuff in it. if you do then i would stay in school for a couple more years then have a baby.

The last 2 years are when you study the classes that are your major - what I think I want to do for the rest of my life. The courses offered online and on-campus are the same, and cover the same material. well what do you want to do with you life? Yes, college challenges you and you&39;ll have A LOT of reading to do, but if you manage your time wisely, it&39;ll be a breeze.

Mos still work at least 40, even up to retirement. Another example of a successful consortium how does online college work yahoo answers is the Five Colleges of Ohio of Ohio: Oberlin College, Ohio Wesleyan University, Kenyon College, College of Wooster and Denison University. You have a lot of down time in college, so use it wisely. New professors work around 60 hours a week (no overtime in academia). I am a college student and wanted to open up a checking account w/ a debit card to make it easier for me to pay things. Sometimes it&39;s less, sometimes more.

are: Amherst College, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. " Although some manage to find jobs they find a lot of fun, such as camp counselor, lifeguard, etc. I took classes on Tues, Thur so I could have the other 5 days off per week to work but you will need to decide what works best for you. It&39;s time once again for the PMG Scammers to make their way to college campuses everywhere.

Kelly Clarkson&39;s divorce takes messy turn. and what does your boyfriend think? As HHS secretary, Becerra would face the challenge of leading the department as the coronavirus pandemic rages and takes a disproportionately. There are also many Q & A services on the internet that how does online college work yahoo answers will do your homework for you. These are very much like what you learned in high school, but you earn college credit for the hours -courses - you take. well thats what all my frenids all told me you are takeing online college math courses. If you REALLY need the money get another job.

Hello, I&39;m a clueless Brit writing about a story set in America and since I&39;m how does online college work yahoo answers too lazy to do research I just wanted to ask, how does college Baseball work? Your level of engagement will be entirely up to you if you want your online educational experience to work. How will my online college courses work? Discover more every day.

What is online college like? Ah, winter is in the air, and spring is around the corner. could any one help me plzzzzzzzzzzz. Your refund check will be the amount of federal aid you have been awarded minus the cost of the bill for your institution. Scammers are trying to rob Amazon Prime users of 0.

Consequently how does online college work yahoo answers many schools now claim they use a "holistic" approach in their admissions, taking into account not only race, but also socioeconomic status, extracurriculars, personality, etc to achieve a diverse student body. would you be a stay at home mom? This one’s tricky because there are some institutions that are not accredited at regional and national levels. Me and my online boyfriend have been friends since one and a half year, and &39;together&39; for a bit over half a year. Some colleges have it posted on their webpage.

First off, I read on the internet that baseball is the only sport which allows men and how does online college work yahoo answers women to play together, is this true? Genuine, as in can you actually buy an essay, of course. How do you get a legit online job that you can do from home. Because we&39;ve made it this far. Typically, for a traditional student in the USA, you begin the search for a college your senior year in the fall (though some overachievers/foresightful students. Scary scene in college hoops game after player collapses. I am 18 years old, female, college student from the Philippines who wants to have a part time job to the nearest starbucks from our house because i want to help my family in supporting me with my financial in school and want to earn money that&39;s why I want to work even just for this summer because if i will work while studying, my schedule will be very hectic.

Online Degree Myth 5: Online degrees are not accredited, which means you’re not earning a “real” degree. Many of the folks here have spoken to the upsides of online college, and warned of the downfalls of unaccredited schools (which is an unfortunately common predatory practice). If the cost of tuition, fees, and any other specific expenses (like your meal plan & room) is 12,000 and your award is 14,000, you will get a how does online college work yahoo answers refund of $. It varies from school-to-school. But if you can live without it, just use the time for hobbies, extra study and having fun.

There are some free services that will help you with a few questions, but if you have a lot of questions, you will have a how does online college work yahoo answers tough time finding someone to "help" you through them all for free. On average - about the same. It is variation of a pyramid scam, but directed at young uninformed college students.

You may actually do better in online classes. But is this a good idea - no, because unless your teacher is brain dead they are going to recognize a radical change in style, tone, subject matter knowledge etc from what you have done in your previous written work and in the classroom, when you turn in someone else&39;s work. They both have the same or very similar assignments and strict deadlines. am doomed if i cnt open the account plzzzzzzz. I had a few questions, when you pay for things online is it like a credit card where you get a bill later on or does it come right out of your checking because I know in the store you can do either debit and have it taken directly out of you account or you can. does it cost the same as regular college.

do you want a great life for your baby? For most online college classes, you don&39;t work at your own pace, you are on a set schedule for homework, exams, and finals. Many prefer online learning, are happy to accelerate their pace, glad for the opportunity to go over material repeatedly until they get it, the flexible scheduling, and other advantages. Steer clear of these diploma mills, and opt instead to pursue your online degree through an accredited institution. Everyone learns or shares information via question and answer. Does anyone work for these kind of sites or know of any.

Ours has a 2 year program specifically for people who want to become daycare/nursery school teachers. Some people simply cannot get their butts in gear, or have trouble with the lack of face-to-face contact & interactions among classmates. College course work in Early Childhood Education would be your best bet - you could even check out your local coummunity college and see what they offer. One service for quick answers is answers.

There are no jobs in my city that offer flex time jobs allowing me to work from home due to me living in a small city and I do not want to move. Modern technology, though, has. News, email and search are just the beginning.

They both require hours of studying in addition to class time. My best recommendation would be to contact a number of colleges to find the best fit for you and your needs (tuition, schedule, career opportunities, etc. A professor who has tenure and who has stopped publishing could get by with as little as 20 hours a week of work, but almost no one actually does that. hope that was your question.

but I do believe it can work. Though he admits some online courses may have gained the reputation of being easy due to poor design, many online courses have adapted to requiring more synthesis and analysis from students—the kind of work that isn’t answered with a quick trip to Google. This scene, with slight variations, might be the normal experience for most American students through the end of high school. Part time professors (adjuncts) work between hours a week. From what I understand, the Supreme court has banned the use race quotas, but said race could still be taken into account to achieve diversity.

Yahoo Answers is a great knowledge-sharing platform where 100M+ topics are discussed. How does College Baseball Work? i do no longer understand in case you have winter semesters (Jan to might) or if that&39;s what what you propose.

Your first 2 years of college are when you take your "general education" classes. You might have a fairly traditional view of what education looks like: sitting at a desk in a classroom, with numerous other students, and a teacher giving instructions at the front of the class. If the people you overheard in your school library are faculty or work with your school&39;s academic Technology office (like I do) they are probably legit. do you want a career? Usually a class is at a specific time on Mon, Wed, Fri or a specific time on Tues, Thur BUT some college don&39;t have Fri classes.

a baby is a lot of work and care, and is expensive. The publisher make them available to the instructor either on a CD or a course cartridge for use in a CMS such as WebCT of Blackboard.

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