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The Mega Stores in London and Cologne. (5) BRENT AVERILL / Neve 1073 Module (Not BAE) 5 LEFT! but from there, the transformers are different well the transformers in the Averill and Vintech brent averill 1073 mp review la are different from the original Neve stuff too.

The first preamp I ever bought was a vintage Neve 1272 racked by Brent Averill, and I used that on just about every track I recorded for nearly 10 years. 8 Module Powered Rack can be used with any Neve 1073-style modules including:. en rack: url 4ème et 5ème élément en partant du haut du rack. Then I got a 1073 about five years ago and finally a Neve broadcast board about three years ago. View the profiles of people named Brent Averill. The BAE 1073 MP Stereo preamp yields a really fat sound. The product is called the 1073 MPF, with MPF standing for &39;Mic Pre with Filter&39; (there is also a 1073 MP version without the high‑pass filter stage). 000 products ready for shipment.

The BAE 1073 MPF adds a high-pass filter to the 1073 MP model to remove unwanted rumble and resonance. Known for its rich low-end, edgy highs and focused midrange, the 1073 has been used on countless hit records. It&39;s in great shape and sounds awesome. The BAE&39;s sounded 100% identical to the vintage Neve in every way. BAE 1073MP Mic Pre Rackmount 1168: Mono mic pre, rackmount brent averill 1073 mp review la w/ PSUAfter building the 1272 for many years, we were constantly asked to rack the units in an enclosed chassis. Brent Averill Neve 1272 w/ DI (2) JFL Audio MP F4 tube (4) Lucas mic pre (4) JFL MP F6 (2) JFL MP F6E pre/limiter/eq. BAE Audio 1073WPS 10" 1ru Rack W/ Power Supply PSU EQ Equalizer ,135.

Facebook gives people the power to. I&39;ve always loved the sound of classic Neve mic preamps. A pair of his 1272s sound great. Sadly, I need to liquidate some things to pay bills. The Averills smoke them all!

préampli et eq mythique pierreps voici la page sur le site de brent averill url valeur neuve 50 vendu à 3163 euros ttc la tranche sur funkyjunk soit 6300 euros la paire. Phase reverse button. See more results.

Summary: Brent Averill is 77 years old and was born on. including 3 vintage Neve pres. The choice to save some cash, avoid aging parts and go with BAE was an easy one. Ives (Carnhill) transformers as the vintage modules, Elma switches and Canford wire. Take your signals to a higher level. but that has more to do with Carnhill not having made the original LO 1166/A output. Recently given a clean bill of health by Avedis in LA. Join Facebook to connect with Brent Averill and others you may know.

-Brent Averill - his clones are used as replacements for actual Neve modules in Neve consoles. I&39;ve compared this to Vintech, Fivefish, Chameleon Labs ect. avec alim phil :.

Brent Averill Enterprises: BAE 312A mic preamp Reviewed by Andy Hong Before I built up my own studio, I used to carry around a portable case with original Neve 1272 and API 312 mic preamps that Brent Averill Enterprises had racked for me. · It must’ve been a really good idea—there now exists a cottage industry of classic AMS-Neve clones (Vintech), actual Neve units slightly modernized (AMS-Neve), lower-budget Nevelike re-creations (Chameleon Labs & Golden Age), Brent Averill Enterprises’ own 1073 (complete with EQ) as well as 1073 MP and DMP (rackmounted and tabletop, no EQ. A shade above k, depending on who racks it for you. The BAE 1066D brent averill 1073 mp review la is the same mic/line preamp as the classic 1073, with several different frequency choices. I purchased this brent averill 1073 mp review la item in and it&39;s been in my possession ever since.

Brent Averill 1073 Heritage 1073/500 (Lunchbox) API 3124, red Dot (2) Tube Tech MP1A ElectrodyneChandler Germanium Pre Chandler tg2 Burl B1D (2) Burl B1 (2) Great River MP-2NV Studer Valve D19 Valley People dyna mic (2) AEA RPQ2 Ribbon preamp Ampex 350 Shure M67 Dynamics / EQs Urei 1176LN Rev F (3) UreiUrei LA-4 (2) dbx 160. BRENT AVERILL / Neve 1073 Module (Not BAE) Mic Pre Amp and Equalizer Serial 1057 Carnhill Transformers VTB9045 - Date 02/02 One owner/Smoke Free Producer/Composer Studio These EQs have very little mileage on them since It coincided with brent averill 1073 mp review la my move to mixing in the box and doing a lot more composing than tracking. After that we then tweaked the circuit to make the gain more like a 1073. So needless to say they&39;re mint. BAE (formerly Brent Averill Enterprises, and now British Audio Engineering) are a Californian company who specialise in manufacturing preamps based very closely on — and, in some cases, that are extremely accurate replicas of — the classic Neve 1073 microphone preamp and related products. · There now exists a cottage industry of classic Neve clones, actual AMS-Neve units slightly modernized, lower-budget Neve-like re-creations, plus Brent Averill Enterprises (now British Audio Engineering, led by Englishman Mark Loughman from a North Hollywood manufacturing facility) have their own 1073 (complete with EQ) as well as 1073 MP and.

All the knobs are solid and everything works just fine. superbe paire de 1073 de. Meanwhile don&39;t think the 1272 will do the same thing. 1073MP Préamplificateur monocanal avec alimentation incl. Excellent after-sales service, too. I did some research and found out what exactly a Neve 1272 is:-----"A 1272 is a line amp/summing buss amp from the circaera of neve consoles, such as 8048,8014,8016,and bcm10 portable consoles.

Brent Averill 1023. Like New BAE Neve 1073 lunchbox preamp from Brent Averill. BRENT AVERILL 1073 MP MIC PREAMP COMES WITH DUAL POWERSUPPLY(THIS POWERSUPPLY CAN SUPPORT A SECOND RACK) BETTER THAN NEVE 1073 RE-ISSUE i can accept a paypal payment but if the item sells for a too high price i will prefer a local pick-up with cash payment or a bankwire with BIC& IBAN If you want to come and pick up the unit you can contact me.

If you want EQ, prestige and resale value to boot, go for his 1073s, 1064s, 1089s, 1099s. The BAE 1073 Mic/Line Preamp/EQ is as authentic as you can get to the original, featuring the same St. It was found that the top is the Chandler LTD-1, may also be Brent Averill 1073 (Brent Averill that a silent brent averill 1073 mp review la wizard Neve), and the Great River seems to be good too trs, especially since it is a Stereo version, but unfortunately no equalizer. bonjour, acheté cet hiver ( facture fournie ) trés bon état, trés peu utilisé. Hence BAE (formerly Brent Averill Enterprises) 1073MP (mic pre). The BAE 1073MP uses the exact same circuit as the original Neve 1073—from the Carnhill transformer coupled input to the hand-wired Class-A design. The BAE 1073MP captures the same iconic sound signature and wide bandwidth as the original.

échange possiblle avec gibson l5. Remboursement Politique de retour dans les 30 jours. I am downsizing my entire studio and building a small mobile rig for myself so I don&39;t need a rack mount preamp anymore.

Please e-mail me back if you have brent averill 1073 mp review la any of the above. 1073MP Single Channel Preamp inkl. Mic Pre Amp and Equalizer Serial 1057 Carnhill Transformers VTB9045 - Date 02/02 One owner/Smoke Free Producer/Composer Studio These EQs have very little mileage on them since It coincided with my move to mixing in the box and doing a lot more composing than tracking. Must be in good condition. Other names that Brent uses includes Brent R Averill, Brent Aveill and Brent A Averill. Carnhill transformers!

alimentation voltage européen. Selling as I don’t track anymore! The BAE 1073 is engineered in exactly the same way as the originals: the same chassis construction, connectors, printed circuit board layouts, hand-wired. Buy ABE BAE 1073MP Dual-Channel Mic Pre w/PSU: Amplifiers - Amazon. Amazing 1073, perfect condition! 00 New BAE Audio B15 EQ 500-series Module 3-band Studio Hardware Recording Module. The Aurora unit is a 2 channel unit designed by Geoff Tanner (considered by many the authority on all things Neve, and his name is all over the 1073 schematic).

If your looking or you want something that can be considered a real Neve clone, look to a either a real refurbished Neve 1073 or clones made by Brent Averill, Chandler or Vintech. Also added is a shelf EQ inspired by the original 1066 model, but enhanced with. When we finally came around to it, we opened up the possibility of adding certain features like a phase button etc.

The Brent Averill 1073 will handle anything you can throw at it (Voices, guitars, drums. As this was perfected, we saw the unit become far removed from a 1272 and more like a 1073 minus eq. Having said all that, the subject of this review isn&39;t a complete 1073 module at all, but rather a slimmed-down, dual‑channel, rackmount preamp based on the 1073&39;s input stage. Brent Averill BAEChannels) ITI MEP-230 (2 Channels) Dynamics Processors Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor Gates STA-Level Neve 33609/J (2 Channels) Purple Audio MC77 Retro Instruments 176 (x2) Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor (2 Channels) SPL Transient Designer (4 Channels) Universal Audio 1176LN (x2) Universal Audio LA-2A (x2) Reverbs. I finally opt for the Chandler LTD-1, and I am extremely satisfied. Power Supply. Previous to Brent&39;s current city of Stratham, NH, Brent Averill lived in Bar Harbor ME.

all makes and models. The MP-2NV was not designed to be "Neve-esque". Direct input switch. Nevex 24 x 4 w/40 1073 eq’s. it was designed to be it&39;s own thing. Impedance select between 12 ohms. Power supply included.

it just started with a 1073 drawing because you have to start somewhere. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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